We understand the difficulties organizations are having with their supply chain. Too much capital is tied up in inventory and sometimes in the wrong inventory. Long lead times, stock outs, unnecessary costs and operations problems can cause your organization to not do what you do best-satisfy your customers, patients and donors. Your staff spends valuable time dealing with logistics that should be spent on investing in optimizing your products and services.

Our pragmatic approach to logistics consulting is a result of all of our consultants having actually managed businesses in both the public and private sectors including end to end supply chain management, vendor and contract identification, management and expiring product inventory. Our solutions are practical and sustainable by your staff long after we have collectively worked together to achieve our mutual goal of satisfying your internal and external customers, patients and donors.

We have direct expertise in helping organizations in:

  • Operations Analysis
  • Distribution and Logistics Strategy
  • Inventory Management
  • Lean Design of Your Supply Chain
  • Just in Time Inventory Management
  • Reducing Transportation Costs

Summit OG believes that everyone should receive the right product, at the right time, at the right cost. Supply chains require focus and rigorous improvement to enable you to be competitive. We can help you implement, control and sustain your optimal processes to enable you to deliver to your patients and customers.

Distribution/Logistics Case Studies