Legal Profession

Process Improvement and Technology Consulting:  Are you Lean?

Client First mindsets, streamlined processes, and the right technologies to help law firms gain profit.


You are an expert in your industry.  And, in our current environment, you must be even more focused on operating efficiently.  Perhaps, you’re operating in multiple states with differing regulations or your billing practice communications are surprising your clients (or costing you).  Maybe, you have client-centric work that is not meeting contractual quality measures.  Many law firms suspect they could operate more efficiently but lack the internal expertise to identify exactly where to focus resources. Drawing on decades of operational experience designing and managing solutions for law firms, our Team can help firms improve processes to function more efficiently.

From core legal processes to business support functions, our experts can assess existing processes, with minimal disruption, then collaborate with law firm stakeholders to redesign and streamline how work is done. We apply our knowledge of enabling technologies to recommend and implement better tools for each process, drive greater efficiency, improve results, and net revenue enhancement and cost savings. For some of our clients, existing tools are more than adequate, so we implement solutions that take full advantage of your technology.

As an example, one of our clients had purchased robotic automation for checking case scheduling but had not been able to deploy the tools because users did not understand its capability.  Once we build a process flow, we were able to clearly communicate how manual work could be eliminated with a 400% return on investment.

The result is better use of time and resources throughout the firm, delivering better results more effectively and profitably, internally for your firm and for your customers.