Our Competitive Advantage

Summit OG is committed to help your organization achieve sustainable and predictable results. We incorporate the three cornerstones to help you drive organizational strategies.

  • People – Engaging the hearts and minds of your organization
  • Process/Technology – Blending predictable processes with sound technology
  • Value – Helping you to specify the value of every strategy within the industry you serve

Our Approach

Since every project is unique, the specific steps, activities and outputs of any project will vary. One of our key advantages and differentiators is our approach to identifying opportunities. The objective of this step is to gain a deeper understanding of our clients’ needs and identify significant areas of financial impact aligned with management’s business vision.

Our discovery process is a reliable means to accurately and quickly reach a diagnosis of your organization. We then develop the appropriate “treatment” plan and “roadmap” enabling the capture of early project opportunities with sustainable results. A strong, cohesive team is built with you and our experts to optimize results and ensure we exceed expectations.

Our Experience

By focusing on business alignment, rapid improvement, and the engagement of your employees, we have seen a renewed passion for making processes better as a necessary part of business flexibility, innovation, and growth. Our experience allows you to capitalize on our:

Flexible and Customer Driven Approach Proven Methodologies
Value Creation Resources
Best Practices Commitment to Client Success

Our consultants understand the issues you face every day and will work side by side with your team to deliver results and transfer process improvement knowledge through our Lean/Six Sigma training.

“Summit OG was flexible and worked with our organization to deliver fast, sustainable results. Summit’s consultants were professional and highly skilled with the knowledge and Lean tools to redesign clinical and business work flows in an acute care hospital. Summit’s core deliverables included hardwiring our leaders, physicians and employees to use dashboards to monitor and further refine the system processes redesigned during the engagements. Critical to success was having a partner who arrived on day one with their sleeves rolled up and ready to work with our organization to move the dials!”
–Tim Chafin, former Senior Vice President at Texas Children’s Hospital