Blood Bank

Blood banking, the process of recruiting donors, collecting (donation), testing, processing, and storing blood for later use (transfusion), is a cornerstone of emergency and surgical medicine and is dependent on the clinical laboratory for ensuring the safe use of blood and its components.

Our consultants understand the criticality of this industry and its high regulatory requirements and are engaged in suppport through Lean Six Sigma services including:

• Strategic Plan Support

  • Dashboard development and integration
  • Incentive alignment
  • Board of Directors reporting
  • Cultural change for the organization

• Executive support Alignment

  • Established charters for Executive Project Champion, Information Technology and Finance
  • Guidance and expertise on the overall direction of the LSS program for continuous improvement

• Project Identification and Prioritization

  • End to end business process mapping
  • Charter development and quantification for “hard” and “soft” dollar savings
  • Financial Review and analyses tools
  • CFO, Accounting and Finance support for LSS and financial policies
  • Project Execution and Training

• LSS Training for Black Belts and Green Belts

  • DFSS Training
  • Executive and Project Champion Training
  • Just in Time training for Lean staff support
  • Mentoring
Results highlights: Over $10M in actual, finance approved savings
Over 75,000 units of savings in blood and blood products

“Summit worked with us to develop our strategy and framework for not only our Six Sigma program, but our culture change. 17% of our collections came from these projects last year and we have a ROI of 400%.”

–CEO testimonial

Blood Bank Case Studies