miningThe mining industry has been critical to the development of civilization, underpinning the iron and bronze ages, the industrial revolution and the infrastructure of today’s information age. Application of new technology has led to productivity gains across the value chain. Our consultants possess “hands-on” expertise in engaging your organization in this industry and building processes that contribute to your bottom line.

Improving mining processes and understanding the intricate and interdependent relationships through utilizing Lean Six Sigma methodology and deployment processes can further produce efficiency gains in your organization.

Summit OG consultants can help your organization execute and sustain high level strategies quickly and efficiently. Our approach is simple… engage the organization for change, specify the value to increase motivation and utilize sound process/technology and structure.

Disciplined process performance can only happen when the entire organization is engaged and understands their role and has the tools and resources to effectively manage their functions. We can work with you to build the processes and obtain the skills to produce reduction in costs, increases in production and help you meet your quality and safety goals.

Mining Case Studies