Our resources understand the challenges facing healthcare providers today: Inadequate reimbursement, productivity management, rising insurance costs, severe staffing shortages, patient satisfaction, capacity, quality compliance/patient safety, managing premium internal labor costs, revenue enhancement, governmental regulations and mandates.

We see these challenges as “opportunities” to transform healthcare for every one of our clients.

There are many companies who “tell” you what to do. At Summit, we partner with you and your organization to show you HOW and BUILD, with your employees, a plan to drive your strategy and bring your goals to reality. Our service offering is customized for you and your organization to give you what you need, when you need it.

By focusing on business alignment, rapid improvement and engagement of your employees, we have seen a renewed passion for making processes better as a necessary part of business flexibility, innovation and growth.

Our experience allows you to capitalize on our:

  • Flexible and patient driven approach
  • Skilled, healthcare trained resources
  • Value Creation using best practices
  • On time, on budget work-plans
  • EMR/EHR implementations
  • Real Time Information for quick decision making
  • Finance approved project savings and tracking

We have trademarked our healthcare methodology for implementing sustainable results and change in your organization. is a proven healthcare improvement model incorporating goal alignment, training, cultural transformation and project execution…Delivering a substantial improvement in patient access, quality and safety. We apply to advance your company’s strategic vision.

Healthcare Case Studies