Private Equity


Was there time to perform operational due diligence?  Not if you employ a lengthy methodology; but you could if you have experienced resources ready to go.  Recently, we discovered $25M in promised products that could not be delivered without significant capital and resource outlay.  We enabled the client to re-negotiate the selling price.


One of our client’s, a portfolio company, had 160+ sites on 28 software versions; several of which were no longer supported by the developer.  Operational due diligence would have uncovered the need for patient communications to drive incremental revenue gain, lack of charge capture and old, non-collectible revenue, capital requirements to convert software , operational costs of the inefficiencies, and need to deploy financial software to aggregate monthly reporting requirements.  Additionally, staff was reactive, costs were excessive, and risks were moderate to high.  By focusing on:

  1. Cash flow – We determined, for the first 100 days, the course of action.
  2. Margin Improvements – Together, we implemented success measures.
  3. Value creation to drive faster scale – With focus on our customers/patients/staff we implemented technology and eliminated processes not driving revenue gain.

Our team utilizes rapid-cycle techniques to identify priority issues and works with you to build the solutions that gain you scale and “Wow” for your customers, patients, and staff.

Just Do It:  Plant/Brick and mortar consolidation, inventory reduction, sales incentives and bonus structures, supplier, and vendor management.

Technology Leverage:  Revenue capture, customer/patient communications to drive revenue growth, robotics (not as costly as you might think) and business intelligence analytics to decrease costs and capture margin.

Management Systems:  Performance management, 90 Day Plans, Training, and key measures.


Private Equity Case Studies