Welcome to Summit Optimization Group

Summit OG is a business process improvement consulting firm who helps you execute your strategic plans by optimizing your business processes. We measure our success the same way you and your team do: sustainable and impactful financial results.

We possess over 25 years of experience encompassing both the private and public sectors including Healthcare, Government, Finance, Manufacturing, Shared Services, Mining, Blood Banking, Logistics and Distribution. We hold certifications in Lean, Six Sigma, Design for Six Sigma, Healthcare, Quality Management, Manufacturing, Logistics, and Financial Management.

What We Do

We look at your business from a holistic perspective to help you provide significant customer value, sustain growth and compete effectively. We use proven problem-solving methods, critical insight and creative thinking to systematically solve complex problems and capitalize quickly on market opportunities.

What we deliver for our clients are practical and flexible solutions.

  • Identify and eliminate systemic waste
  • Significantly increase productivity
  • Radically improve service and reduce cycle time
  • Reduce the overall cost of doing business
  • Engage & energize employees at all levels