Our Clients

We work across a wide range of industries from For Profit and Non-Profit organizations. Our clients are business savvy leaders who want to improve the way they do business. They have the will and perseverance required to succeed. They share our passion for results and are prepared to act decisively to achieve them.

Summit OG clients value our ability to align, apply, execute and communicate state-of-the-art approaches clearly, concisely and rapidly. Our commitment is to deliver unparalleled results!

Client Outcomes

  1. 5 – 10X Return On Investment
  2. Increased Revenue
  3. Lower Operating Costs
  1. Increased Customer Satisfaction
  2. Satisfied & Energized Employees
  3. Quality and Regulatory Compliance

Client Testimonials

Patient Flow was a constant issue at our hospital for many years. We were able to gain some incremental improvement with a flurry of management attention but nothing significant or sustainable. In January we started a Patient Flow initiative with and by October we had finished 10 projects and were seeing significant results lowering Left Without Being Seen and Transfer Denial rates.

-Susie Distefano, former CNO at TCH

Debbi McCreary is a multi-faceted professional who knows how to manage people and get things accomplished. I have seen her build processes and departments while assisting leadership teams with strategy implementation under extremely tight deadlines. Her company, Summit OG, LLC, brings a level of professionalism and “hands on” expertise that is not readily available in most consulting firms.

-James P. Covert – President and CEO, ITxM

I hired Summit OG initially to re-engineer financial services on a go-forward basis for a $4B healthcare company who was de-listed from the SEC. Not only did they succeed with this initiative by using Six Sigma, LEAN, their network and technological improvements, they also filed over 16 reconstructed and restated financial statements for SEC filing to assist in bringing the company current.

-John Quille – Chief Accounting Officer, Littlefuse

We built a metrics driven Shared Service Division for a $5B distribution company. Summit OGs team came in before every deadline with a technologically advanced, value driven process. Later, as we converted to an ERP, they led their team through a vanilla implementation and made creative solutions that benefited the entire company.

-Curt Bogle – Former Vice President, Shared Service, IKON Office Solutions

I promoted Debbi to Treasury Manager of a 150 year old textile company where I was CFO. She worked diligently to support our company during Chapter 11 and post-bankruptcy. I strongly recommend Debbi due to her commitment, focus and ability to meet and exceed targets.

-Bill Ott, President, Albahealth LLC

Summit OG provides an in-depth review of your business needs and has the unique ability to work hand in hand with your operations. This brings an enhanced understanding to those areas, which drive immediate value for your organization. By Summit’s willingness to engage in your business, synergy is immediate and results are rapid and sustainable.

-Roxanne Tata, COO ITxM